MD’s Message

It is inspiring to look back at the remarkable accomplishments of Goldfruit. Since 1977 we have grown from a small fruit retailer to importer and wholesaler of fresh fruits & vegetables and now here we are, our wings spread across the service and distribution industry.

Led by a visionary, my teacher K.Kunhu Haji, from a 3-man crew to over 250 supporting staff, to the empire it now is - that not only provides fresh and quality produce but has also successfully ventured into service industries like logistics, advertising, healthcare and education.

It is this central vision of excellence that guides us. We at Goldfruit and our partners share a commitment to providing fresh and valuable solutions. We understand that it is about a deep commitment to our clients. It is about delving into how better we can improve our customer’s lives.

We believe in ‘A FRESH WAY OF LIFE’ and we are excited about the future. Goldfruit’s new look has been designed with great care and with adherence to a well revised set of specifications and international standards. It has been designed to meet the needs of our customer and to cover the continuous improvements encountered in all our other areas of work. I thank each of our supporters and well-wishers with hope that our relationship continues...

Warmest Regards
Mohamed Fadil
Managing director