Quality Control

It is our commitment to quality that saw us grow steadily from a small business to what we are today, riding on our reputation for providing high quality produce of an outstanding range consistently to our customers.

It is of vital importance that we as a team understand the sensitivity of our products to the environment in stores, the logistics and challenges of keeping the stock fresh in all seasons and making them available all year round in the freshest condition. Consequently we take quality very seriously.


Staff training program

A quality systems training program should facilitate the achievement of an organization’s mission, vision and goals. A quality systems training program includes a variety of methods for helping employees attain specific levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities in each department they are in.
Our staff goes through various such crafted quality systems training programs like Food Hygiene Awareness training program and Essential Food Handling training. Each training is designed to encompass as much hands-on grading exercises as possible. There are lessons and grading exercises on the following commodities: Apple, Pear, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Eggplant and Tomato.


Committed to provide reliable services

We are passionate about our services and are dedicated to providing profitable solutions for our customers’ businesses. Perfection is our aim and utmost importance is placed upon consistently achieving the highest levels of service and excellence in the industry.


Quality consistency

Our cold storage facilities and warehouses are completely temperature controlled to help keep the produce in premium condition. Our cold storage facilities are equipped with AEROCIDE air quality improvement technology which can reduce the bacteria, yeast and mould in the air. Our very modern warehouse has each produce stored under separate specific temperatures to maintain its unique freshness and quality. After all it is with a 'field fresh' condition that we like to serve our customers best.


Planning & Logistics

From our center of operations in Dubai, we serve customers both locally and nationally through a series of strategically situated distribution hubs. We constantly review what we do and how we do it and this continuous improvement program has led to several business minds investing in us. This has enabled us to offer our customers even better services.


Export quality

We, at Goldfruit undertake the export of only fruits and vegetables. We undertake ‘export by Air’ from India and UAE to any destination around the world. The produce is transported from the warehouse without disturbing the temperature, to ‘pre cooled’ containers or trucks where the temperature is again controlled until delivered fresh at the destination. We provide complete documentation for all the export that we handle.